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of the fed meeting where they suggested things might change. change is good. >> neil: the nsa says it's fiercely working to protect the privacy rights of americans after a new report, yet another one, suggests it could be spying on 75% of them. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. at the knew it was big, but not this big. a report finds three out of four americans could be spied on by the nsa as we speak, including emails and not just the two and fro part, the entire contents. emails stored in huge data bases along with phone calls. the nsa using programs with code names like barney, oak star, storm brew and lithium. to filter and gather data. officials say it's given enough leeway to do it without a warrant. jennifer defreeze is one of the "wall street journal" report heroes broke this story. we were kidding during the break, maybe they should get it out because the drip, drip, drip is getting more incredible by the drip. >> i think every couple weeks we have a story that pretty much says remember that story we told you about a couple weeks ago? there's more than that. i would be interested to
, complaints about the surveillance snooping. have you noticed? lately just the opposite. >> the nsa program is proving itself work yet again. >> the good news is we picked up intelligence and that's what whether do. that's what nsa does. its sole purpose is to get intelligence to protect americans from attack. >> with we did not have this programs we wouldn't be able to listen in on the bad guys. >> neil: this is just -- using a terror threat to run roughshod over common sense and our constitution. and by the way, patrick to your point, as if we know these programs were responsible for any of the information we have. >> no, no. the taking -- i need to come back to what you just said about the american future fund. anything something i talk about yesterday. bob bauer, the obama campaign lawyer, is the one who instituted this at the fecfec staff went to lois learner, lois lane lerner. he ended up as the irs chief counsel. on the stuff on the nsa -- this is part of the same attack on american democracy, we have people getting up here with these canards saying, look at our program, we got all t
, but in a report today is saying very much otherwise. "the new york times" reporting the nsa is searching e-mails and text messages sent to and from the united states. combine that with news the irs was altering details of investigations done by the drug enforcement adminisation, and my next guess says american civil liberties are under attack. seems like every other day there's a new development in the nsa, the snooping, the violation of the fourth amendment. talk to us about this new one where the nsa admits if an e-mail sent to and from, they're going look into the e-mail text, the text of the messages. >> looking at the text, looking at the met -- metta data. the obama administration released an internal report saying hundreds of millions of americans have had their stuff looked through and the foreign intelligence surveillance court toll the nsa to knock it off or they were violating things too regularly. to have obama in that next week say, oh, there's no domestic spying program, it shows not just his own kind of problem with voracity, these people operated without any control for so
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: is this the same oversight with the nsa? >> irs, and nsa. absolutely. i really am very confident about this, but i think that what we're really looking at here is, again, we're finding out, like nancy pelosi said, what is in this bill, and every single day we're finding out new surprises about health care, and whether it's the edict from president obama allowing people in congress to have a different healthcare plan than you or i do -- >> neil: that says it all. when the cook in the kitchen are not eat neglect slop from the kitchen, that should tell you something. congress wants exempted. unions want out. 97% of federal workers who like their system think don't want to be part of this. that's all you need to know. >> absolutely. and everybody who had a hand in putting this on all the american people are running away with it like max bachus said, it's going to be a disaster. but even people who are in the middle of healthcare, like myself, who have an understanding of what is going on, we're not immune from what is coming down the road. my wife is a surgeon like i am, and we're both going to be for
, gentler nsa, pretty intrusive but maybe this time with a pretty please. the president announcing steps to make sure government spies don't overstep. but there is more oversight, more transparency on the way. but did he do anything today to quell the controversy? to ed henry at the white house. ed? >> good to see you. you heard the president there. he started the entire news conference with a brief mention about his economic road show but surprisingly, instead of focusing on that, the really did hit the nsa issue hard and shows he is on defense on it. trying to show that he is taking steps to quote-unquote reform it, quote-unquote, add transparency and the like. but as you note there are critics who will say that is not enough, too little too late. the president i would note also on defense in this news conference over the current terror threat that tie back to the nsa surveillance programs, the terror threat in the middle east and whether the president misled the company when he said al qaeda was on the run. you heard my colleague, john carl of abc ask, well, how are they dismated if n
, if we're getting these constant reports out of the nsa that it went beyond just collecting over 115 million american phone records, to the latest news that is was every e-mail, every site folks went on so much information, so fast, they really couldn't even hold it that long because it was too massive to hold. that does raise the kind of concerns that senator paul has had, that chris christie seems to dismiss. >> but first of all, of course, we always need to be reviewing the scope of what the government is doing and whether it's justified, and that should be constant he reviewed. the problem is that the tactics the government uses to gather intelligence, the more public it is, eeasier for enemies to esaid it. so it's difficult to have an open debate. and there's so much misinformation in the press. i wouldn't dismiss these concerns offhand. if you're back home and you all of a sudden realize the government has the capable and is gathering information on every phone call made in america, you're concerned how that could be used not just by the government but by individuals working fo
. because not only edward snowden and other former nsa, outside contractors but people employed for their career west side the nsa have corroborated in this respect. the government has the ability to access from storage, the actual emails and texts that every american has sent in the past two and a half years and sound of telephone calls, voices that have made in the past two and a half years. example, the order signed by judge roger vincent in april of this year, four months ago, directed verizon to surrender the telephonic information on 113 million of its customers. that is more than half of the telephone base in the united states. president couldn't possibly not know that. >> neil: that is not, he said, the domestic surveillance program. >> i don't mow what the president means in his terminology. if capturing phone calls and emails and capturing texts of every american is not a domestic spying program, then nothing is. >> neil: you are very good lawyer and good judge besides. what he is saying if the intent isn't to spy on those in the united states. he is saying i it's not
to pitching what the president says has worked. not health care. not the irs. not the nsa. it has something to do with where you keep your money, and the president says, you're not only better off for it, you're safer for it and richer for it. believe it. bank on it. so why are so many doubting it? >> neil: welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. dodd frank might not roll off the tongue but the president says the financial law has stopped banks from rolling you in headaches, in corruption in everything but these, because whether it's atm surcharges, or monthly checking account fees soaring, you are paying to date 77 different dodd-frank regulations have cost consumers and businesses more than $15 billion. and that is with only 40% of the dodd-frank financial law in place. to fox business charlie gas -- who shudders at the costs. >> the ultimate cost which is -- we still have too big to fail. the bank institutionalized riecks and they're still going to bail them out. >> neil: the president says that isn't going to happen. we remember the litany of the president's comments on the issue, whether y
includes possible loss of principal. >> neil: it's not just the nsa. the "washington post" reporting the cia and other spying agencies are getting 53 million bucks a year. that's a lot of money to spy on us and they sort of take out of that same pot to do this. a reason why it says, cut the cash now. the problem with that, it's easier said than done. these agencies can come back and say, you take money from us, it's all on you. go ahead. what do you think? >> that's certainly the case they make everytime people talk about cutting budgets. they say we need this money to keep america safe, and then when you ask -- you follow up and ask, why do you need this money? specifically? explain how this money, this funding for these programs is going to keep us safe. they say, look, we can't tell you because that would be revealing secrets. so just trust us. and so there's this kind of game going on where they say we really need this money to protect you but we can't tell you why. >> neil: you know what i worry about? i'll try to explain it in a way that doesn't sound contracts. -- sound crass.
on the fact that the nsa has been taking everyone's phone records. whatever snowden's problems are they don't rise to that level. richard nixon bombed hanoi right before the russian summit in 1972 that i was involved in the mcgovern campaign and everybody thought that will be the end of that. there are bigger stakes. the problem for the president is, this is a little bit like a child who is throwing a tantrum because they can't get their way, because no one takes this president serious. you draw the line in syria, and you say, well, if you use chemical weapons we're going to do something. they use chemical weapons on their people. nothing happens. we say we're going to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons. for five years this administration has done nothing but kowtow to the administration there, and what is happening? they're closer than ever to nuclear weapons. nothing stopped it. and in egypt, you have the wonderful example of the muslim brotherhood, which we supported, which is a disastrous al qaeda affiliate and ham mass -- hamas affiliate. no one takes the president serious. everyon
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)